Rachel van Gurp is a Munich-based jewelry designer raised in the Netherlands. Born to an Indonesian father and Dutch mother, her upbringing was an amalgamation of east and west. Fascinated by world culture and urban environments, Rachel infuses her jewelry with inspirations taken from her multi-cultural lifestyle.


The collection has adorned a variety of high-profile women with distinctive style, including Bar Refaeli, Milou Sluis und Kelly Rohrbach, and has been recognized in publications such as Vogue, ELLE and GQ.




„ My life’s journey
has taken me
to many parts of
the world...

By exploring so many
different cultures,
I have learned that beauty
comes in many different forms.

From nature to man-made,
urban streets to remote
villages and people from all
walks of life, my inspirations
have been formed.

I’ve also learned
about striving through
Hardship and starting over.
These experiences have led me to
where I am today as
a jewelry designer. “

XOXO Rachel